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Russian brides want American men

russian brides bogdanaYou wonder why lots of Russian brides are looking for relations beyond their native land and their unwillingness to tie their lives with the men from their neighborhood. You know that many Russian brides want American. Snobs say that the ladies are interested just in profit and are aiming to deceive and to use the foreign spouses. That’s not true. The fact that Russian brides are doing everything to get the passport or citizenship of “Uncle Sam” is absolutely false. Russian brides want American men because they are unable to built happy homes with their local guys. Do you ask me, why? I will tell you the reasons.

Russian men, especially nowadays are not interested in family building and they are far from the family values. They are unable to get money and to comfort their people. The lack of work and different economical issues are the main reasons for their inability to create happy homes. There are also guys that are willing just to date and to play with girls but nothing more.Russian brides want American men for some reasons: first of all, they know that Americans can become good husbands and they come to the point of marriage with much thinking. If the man doesn’t have good income, definitely he will not allow himself to build serious relationship. It is a wise position. Next thing, Russian brides want American men because they are good and caring fathers. Women worldwide want to have a real man beside, a good supporter and an adviser. The man she can rely on and to be in safe.

Hope I have done my job properly and let you know why Russian brides want American men and what they want to find in men and what they value the most. Wish you find a good Russian bride and make her happy by building a happy multicultural family.

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